Who is Area X What is the story behind the name?

Area X is an Automotive brand  geared to showcase the best of the best in custom and new automobiles. Our events enables automotive specialty equipment manufacturers to display alongside automotive manufacturers to debut new, innovative products, and connect with industry buyers from all over the world. We created a platform through our online magazine, social media pages and website to showcase passionate automobiles, hard working, discipline and creative talented individuals/groups. The name Area X originated from an idea of hosting shows, festivals, park-offs across the country at different venues, towns/cities, hence the marker X. Area X also partners up with individuals/companies to hosting events in the automobile industry.

Charity X foundation

Area X has a dedicated wing, the Charity X foundation. This is a section our founders are most focused on in aiding and bettering conditions of others living among ourselves and being a positive change. Charity X not only looks at the communities around us, but the environment and projects to aid with the well being and perseverance of it. Animal Shelters are our priorities as well, for many struggle to keep doors open and feed the sheltered.  

Make a change, be part of the change.

Why attend Area X

There are so many Car Shows happening around us. Many have exceeded the expectations and many have brought stunning cars. Area X though brings a whole different game with an international style and new age.


Great MC's

Vibrant, loud and exciting that is X’s MC standard. They bring nothing but excitement all-day long.

Park & Stance

Area X brings more Categories to the Park & Stance competitions, with bigger prizes with fair judging.

New People

Get to meet new people, engage and socialise with many different cultures, car enthusiasts, judges and coordinators. 

Have Fun

Fun for the whole family. Kids safety and well being as well as games, activities and little educational fun.

festival Outcomes Crown the best of the best Female and Male Stance

Many across the country will come and witness only the best of the best in categories like Best of Show, Best Female, Best New Age and many more. Fun for the entire family, but mostly come to Show-off custom builds.

Show Offs

Connect People