Exhibition & Vendors options

Exhibitor Option caters for Marketing market e.g vehicles, pamphlets, branding/banners and retail sales only. Vending Option only caters for non-marketing markets, like kids entertainment, food, beverage, paraphernalia, etc. retail sales allowed. All Covid19 Regulations apply.




Exhibitors have Three types of display options.


The Promo Box, suited for small to medium stands like displays, suited for Flyer/Promo distribution or infobox.

N$250 per stand/display.


 The 3M Display suited for small to medium suited to promotional displays, ex. car parts, custom shop displays and more...

N$850 per stand/display.


 The 6M Display build for medium to large for vehicles displays to promotional displays, ex. new arrivals, tyre shops and more...

N$1 200 per stand/display.

Closing Date for all bookings.

Vendor Stalls

This year we bring another type show to town, a vendor area of which 18 stalls available.
13 stalls will be the Upbeat Stalls and 5 Streetbeat Stalls. 


The Upbeat Stalls are open vendor stalls for the public to book and use the space to promote/sell their products. Limited space is available.

N$300 per stand.


The Streetbeat Stalls are selected Vendor Stalls. These stalls are pre-required, with specific needs to these stalls. Limited space is available.

N$500 per stand.


The Food Stall is an area allocated for the sale of fresh food, braaivleis, refreshments and snacks. Only one space is available.

N$2 500 per stand.


The Beverage Stall is allocated to a tent/stand for the sale of beverages and engage. Only one space is available.

N$3 500 per stand.


Covid19 Safety Regulations and the safety of the Public, Staff and Kids is a priority. Therefore with each stand regulations to have a safe
distance marker and ready-made meals, drink packs and numbering systems to avoid crowds, while everyone enjoys themselves.


Please complete the booking form to secure your place at our event. Make sure to choose the right sections and the stall.

Closing Date for all bookings is on 31st of March 2021.

Vendor displays

StreetBeat Stalls are pre-required stalls. Each of the following 5 stalls is uniquely designed to cater to the audience attending the Auto Festival 2021.