X - Kids caters the little

X - Kids, is a small section in our show, festivals and charities. Catering for the little ones with all-round fun treats, animals and of course the attraction the auto on show.


Jumping Castles

Enjoy jumping around for fun and
being crazy around friends,
new kids

Park & Stance

Area X wants to inspire the young to
find a sense of love, attraction, care, passion and
culture of automotive.

Petting Zoo

Area X is giving back to the community by giving the
chance to many to ride a house,
see a camel or even a zebra. 

Make new friends

Get to meet new and make crazy new
friends and see cool stuff on display
that could inspire you.

Face Painting

Create themes, have fun looking beautiful
in your own way and have fun at it, find faces you
like and paint them.

Covid 19 Regulations

In light of the global pandemic, Covid19, Area X is
taking strict measures to ensure safety as well
as adhering to the regulations and rules.

fun for kids Share happy moments with your kids

We try our best to cater to every kid’s play fantasy, likes, and Just have Fun! Adding more features, games, educational activities and Inspire most in building, caring, and showing off his/her talents and hard work.